What Are The Chances Of This?

2년 전

I Seriously Do Not Believe It!

I have two credit cards from the same bank.

One is in my name - Account 1. And one I am a secondary card holder and my partner is the primary account holder, i.e. the account in his name - Account 2.

Due to some changes to an Air Miles scheme I needed new credit cards.

credit cards.png
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I was sent a new card for my own account and a new pin for it - Account 1.

However, when I opened the randomly assigned pin it was identical to the one I use for Account 2 so I thought I must be confusing the accounts.

I wanted to change the pin on the new card to match to pin on the old card - both Account 1 - and rather than get it confused with Account 2 I decided to go to the bank and make sure I hadn't mixed up my cards.

Whilst there I checked both the old cards and pins in the card reader.

I was correct. The new pin for Account 1 was exactly the same as the one I'd chosen and had been using for some time, for Account 2.

The bank assures me that the two accounts are not linked and the new randomly assigned pin for Account 1, which happens to match the old pin I'd chosen myself for Account 2, was a complete coincidence.

Really? That's gob-smacking!

Although, when I did the maths, I was surprised to discover that the chances of that happening are actually not as low as I thought it would be.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but since it is a 4 digit pin, that makes the odds of getting that particular combination 10,000 to 1.

Which is a little worrying when you consider that 164 million payment cards have been issued in the UK alone. That makes the odds of using the same pin as many other people, pretty high.

Although just how high, is a bit beyond my maths skills. Too many zeros for me.

Over to you lot for that particular calculation. 😂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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I do not have a credit card. I do have a debt card. I don’t think I want a credit card I have not have had to have one so far so we will see


We use our cards for convenience and for the rewards but we always pay it off automatically in full every month. 😊


If it works fo you go for it. Great 👍 it is a good tool to have in your toolbox 🧰. I have just never needed one. That might change in the future for me.
Good idea to have one set aside for emergencies only.

It's fun when these random things happen though, isn't it?


Yes it is @indigoocean but I just can't get my head around that it was random. 😁

Maybe you should buy a lotto ticket! lol


I tried that @fotosdenada but I've never won anything. I'm not very lucky in that way. 😂

I one got a shock when the teenage girl at the counter took my card and punched in my PIN.
Took me a second to realise she was ringing up the total, which by coincidence was exactly the same.
(1945)(no longer my PIN).
It happens.


That's a good one @mattclarke.😁

Yea in other countries like Thailand the PIN is 6 digits long, so more odds of it not being the same and hopefully thief proof. Take some of that luck and chance and put it towards something you love. 😊

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I have avoided owning a CC but had to pick up a reloadable pre-paid one due to so many things requiring CC these days.

I like! in Brazil it is possible to pay up to 10 times without interest

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