Sudden Downfall Of IEOs — what would bring this event?

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The BITCOIN search engine still holds a high position, but you can see how fast demand is moving from ICOs to IEOs when you watch the market. The IEOs, which have made IEOs one of their achievements in recent days, have earned much support.

The price of Bitcoin still fails in the market to be seen, but the price of Bitcoin is shivering. Now the entire market cannot rely on one coin alone. While other coins do well on this market, investing in altcoins is also better.

Why IEOs are attractive asset investment option for Investors?

Investors and traders recently found IEOs more appealing. IEOs are incentives for sales of coins to ICO-like trading platforms. The newly built platform, registered in the LaunchPad platform and automatically registered with a security guarantee in the LaunchPad. These IEOs are new to the trend, so nothing can impede their lives, and they begin to earn a profit if they become enrolled in any launchpad.

The new launchpad for the IEOs is working well and coins are guaranteed to be included after their exchange has been registered in the binance launchpad.

Does bitcoin’s price is really influential for the price movement of altcoins?

Market reports also claim that the price of IEOs was somehow related to the price of Bitcoin. Traders are truly convinced that the value of IEOs shows a positive result that the price of Bitcoin stays stable. Bitcoin price stability is a kind of market influencer. When bitcoin’s price drops or increases somehow, it will certainly have an effect on the crypto industry. However studies have said that bitcoin acts normally and remains calm at a certain price level, then IEO’s price will rise.

Yesterday was one of the major events that shook the entire IEO platform. The direction the market was flowing upstream and downstream. If investors are planning to invest their money in IEOs, the market situation has become difficult to read in these certain scenarios.

Let’s test some of the emerging market statuses of IEOs and how they behave these days:

MATIC network:

This new altcoin was launched in May 2019, and soon after it was launched, the coin rose to its high range. After yesterday’s release, it was its second move to hit a price of more than one dollar. The path was clear and for the week it was moving towards its goal, but even though the market for bitcoin was stable, the price of these IEOs was falling. The performance was good and this abrupt fall in the IEO price market is confused. Price fell almost 71.96 percent yesterday from its highest value of 0.043 dollars to approximately 0.012 dollars in just a few hours. The massive fall of the well-performing new IEOs made investors startled.

The newly established IEO from the Binance Launchpad was running the same thing as the MATIC network. It’s been going high for 10 days, about $0.052 to $0.072 roughly within five days. Approximately 27 percent of the increase was like last night’s MATIC network, it dropped. Yesterday, the price decreased by around 29% of its highest performance of the week. And today, it’s still falling.


In Binance Launchpad, this new coin displays one of the best performances, among others. Nonetheless, the release token value was USD 1.30, and now it’s under $1. Token selling began at the end of October, and the price statistic was well maintained over the week. But, along with the other Binance launchpad token, this one moved up first and then down abruptly. From the best performance of the week, USD 1.05 fell to USD 0.78 approximately, which indicates a drop of almost 25% of the price.


The main changes in the past week indicate one of the low-cost harmony (ONE) protocol. Like another Binance launchpad IOEs, it was taken upward within a week and dumped abruptly yesterday. Prices fell from their highest value by almost 36 percent. But it developed smoothly before the crash. Therefore the fall brought it down from where the month started.

How bitcoin was performing this week?

Almost all of the Binance IEOs faced a price drop yesterday after their growth. The reason was still unknown, but investors are very concerned about the performance of the market. Bitcoin’s price is, therefore, statistics for this week, from USD 7,560 to USD 7,200.

How does this sudden altcoins’ price fall, affect the market’s behaviour?

For the altcoins, the end of the year was about to bring good news, but yesterday’s sudden drop reflects the uncertainty surrounding the performance of the altcoins. Investors are mostly concerned about investing in their new crypto projects. For new coins, price stability is one of the greatest advantages for the growth of their business, but the sudden price fluctuations would not have a positive effect on the investment of altcoins, especially for the new project.
Even though the Binance Launchpad gives the IEO project maximum safety, the hike-and-drop situation for new coins is not safe. Investors may not be interested in investing in such unstable coins, and that is not good news for altcoins market.

Do you think there are risks involved if you put your investments in high price tokens?

Nobody can assume that your investments are safe or not in the uncertain cryptocurrency platform. Years of trading and study are needed to understand which altcoin is perfect for the highest return. In a sudden fall, the smaller investment will keep you safe. However, a number of altcoins are returning in a promising way, so investors prefer more new IEOs than old altcoins. Investment in IEOs is safe and is registered in every launchpad instantly. Therefore the abnormal change by the latest altcoins where binance launchpad faced massive loss yesterday was a sudden drop in value.
Yesterday, almost simultaneously, the IEO price crash occurred. One person lost nearly 200 dollars due to the crash. If the newly built IEOs work better, your investment is high holing then think about a crypto market design twice. Anything can ever happen.

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