Getting out of the Mainstream Media trance...

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Phewf! Let me just start out by saying; it's been a while, steem! If you follow me on instagram, you know that I never shut up about the corrupt reality of the mainstream.

The divide perpetuated by the media: vaxxed/unvaxxed, black/white, cover this story and use hateful language but let's purposely avoid anything that goes against the narrative.. Let's omit the facts because people won't be angry enough if we choose to have an unbiased approach.

Listen to THESE experts, but not these ones.
"Of course all experts agree!" You're stupid for asking questions and not taking our word for it.

I'm so sick of it I could just make myself throw up right now (lol)

My goal on instagram is to help regular people, most of which are young and impressionable, see beyond the narrative and to ask questions. I know that literally every social media platform is a censored echo chamber that leads people to believe everyone thinks alike. If you don't- cancelled. You don't share the same views as me? Unfollowed.
I've had many of these people message me, ignore me, cancel me.
It's sad and unfortunately, I'm kind of used it.

My views have really shifted over the past few years and since I've last used this platform. Things are more clear to me now: the elite, the mainstream, the global race for power over humanity.

I feel like I have to make my presence and opinions on these issues known, because if they ever decide to question things, they need to feel like they're not alone or crazy.

Let's break out of the Matrix.

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