Its all about the Brand in the End

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Its all about the Brand in the End

I watched a good movie about the foundation of mcdonalds and how it became what it did. Its worth watching it was not the guys that started it that drove its success it was one man called Ray Kroc.

Whether you like them or not the brand or product he was very smart. He was in the right place at the right time. fast food was in its early days not much competition. They layed the tracks and he took control.

The products are poison but the marketing is great

Chances are you have eaten at McDonalds

Simple brain washing and location in every city and millions spend putting images and thoughts in your head.

Like the founder of mcdonalds are not he got rich delivering a product people wanted.

Crypto needs to do this

It needs to start delivering a product people need and use at the minute its not doing that and maybe a long role ahead.

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Cryptos are big asset and in the journey of 10 years it has huge success whither others platform didn't get this achievement in 100 years but still need more development in crypto platform.

You seem a little bit negative about McDonalds. It's definitely not the healthiest but I think once or twice a week is OK.

@newmarket65, Yes, for sure we have to go long because Crypto Sphere is in infant stage and step by step we will going to see the growth, and yes, in most of the cases, Brand played the game changing role. Stay blessed. 🙂


yeah its early stage


Bitcoin Cash is trying hard to make it workable as cash and theres a few others giving it a go hopefully steemit will power

Don't forget to create an emotional attachment with kids by including toys, you'll have a person craving comfort garbage food for life.


targeting kids sick stuff lifetime member of the chain

You have to do marketing for the cryptocurrencies that's what we need although I know that this will continue in a few years