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This day came, She has dreaded it all her life. She scribbled her note down on paper with a pen she took from the streets which is her home. IMG_6501.JPGHomeless all the days of life, she wouldn't want her child to go through same. She was raped on the streets, never thought the baby will make it through but it did. With no medical assistance she gave birth to her. Wrapped her in leaves and cartons. As she wrote the note, she silently prayed for grace for Aduke to be found by a well meaning person. It was midnight, the road was empty. She walked long miles till she got to a location which had similar buildings, beautiful structure and a gate to each of them. She waited until she felt dawn was coming then she dropped Aduke with the note which she wedged with a piece of stone she saw. She looked at the note one more time and it felt incomplete. She took the note and wrote down "HER NAME IS ADUKE-SEUN". That's the only thing she can afford for her daughter. She gave her a name!! She dropped it back and left to a corner where the street lights couldn't reach and waited. She tipped to check the box if her daughter was safe and she was. Aduke is a strong baby, Aduke was already immune to the open air as she prayed silently for strength for her baby. It was day break and the gate opened where a red car drove out, it seemed not to notice the box but the security did after the man in the car had driven far. The security man was on uniform, he went in and came out with a lady. The lady seemed afraid yet in pity as she took the paper and read it while her hands trembled. The lady was fair and pretty, her skin seemed soft and without stain. That was it. That was the last picture that played in her head after the lady took Aduke in. The gates were locked and everywhere seemed calm and normal. She wept!!

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