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Stopped talking about my hands! No but really, I've always been a laid back person. I have been told my whole life i was beautiful. Why don't i model, Why don't, blah blah..... Because I didn't want to. Unfortunately we live in a dopamine stiken society. Do you know those camera filters that snapchat has?? I remember i had to stop using them. I've never been too self conscious, fake or conceded. I'm me, But after using those filters for a few days, when i went back to my normal camera..... OMG... I felt so self conscious. I could see every wrinkler, etc.. Those filters smooth every line... My point Is mr @ethanvanderbuilt is that your absolutely correct. This was months back. But i sat there and thought, no wonder these girls have complexes etc..because I all the sudden had one. Beautiful people suffer more than we think at times. Not getting jobs because of jealousy. Just like everything else two sides. I blame media (obviously). I mean shoot Kids today dont know how to get together, write sucky ass songs at first,jam out and practice with friends, scout out clubs, to get their band recognized.... The new generation only knows American Idol. you get famouse on american idol.... I can Talk all day about this... LOLOLOL


It is always amazing to me that the people that we think have it easy are suffering just as much as everyone else.