Day 16 of 42 days of bootstrapping

2년 전

The project of the day was an outreach to a group that is interested in some marketing for a homesteading marketplace. This is a marketplace based on the Steem platform. You should check it out. This is a very innovative blockchain technology that is designed for communities and content.

It has sparked a whole new way of doing things like curation and rewarding content as well as tons of other interactions.

I was invited because I offered my media work for their marketing. See, here is where this platform is without compare - I can create content without expense from them, but then also make a profit at no direct expense from them. This is done through votes from a weighted stake in the platform.

In other words, if these accounts can all vote for my content. I get paid by those votes. The payment comes from each day's mining of Steem, which is called the "rewards pool". All those votes are for the amount of the rewards pool the content they voted will recieve.

It might be hard to believe, but it is working.

It can be a difficult concept for most people that haven't been exposed to this stuff to wrap their minds around. I was very skeptical about it for a long time. Then I started using the platform and have seen how sustainable and versatile it has become. Over the last couple of years I have been using it and I have become a real advocate of the technology.

Because this project is so new, I am not so sure that there is much I can do immediately for them. It seem that there needs to be some more organized participation to create the kind of message they are trying to send.

I'm going to keep up with them on Discord and on Steem to watch of anything I can help them with.

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