Great Poster About The Danger Of Propaganda

3개월 전

I don’t need to get into a lecture on the media manipulation that we are entrenched in. It has been going on forever and will continue long into the future.

The only way to combat media manipulation of the truth is to use critical thinking skills. There is still a glimmer of hope that enough of us are aware of how far gone we are as a culture. Campaigns like this certainly (hopefully) can help people begin to think for themselves more often.

I saw this in the men’s bathroom of a restaurant by the way in case anyone was wondering.

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Just like actual propaganda posters, this has a simple and easy to understand design, making it incredibly effective as an anti-propaganda piece. Thanks for sharing, I love this sort of thing and photograph it when I see it around town as well, although usually around here it's music or graffiti-related.