MemeHub launches animated gif meme creation option on



A picture is worth a thousand words so a meme becomes the perfect tool to convey an emotion or a message quite subtly.

Add motion to the still picture and magic unfolds.

Motion is a sign of life and moving pictures have a very strong visual appeal . They make good content even better and create a greater possibility to help make the content go viral and attract more eye balls.

This ability to create motion is just what I saw at today.

For those who are not aware is a platform to create and share meme's

So today morning when I went to checkout the meme's at a pleasant surprise was in store for me.

Along with some nice refreshing meme's I got the opportunity to check out a new feature on that of creating animated gif meme's.

I was delighted to find this feature and the first thing that I did?

Well no guesses for getting this one I tested out the feature and it worked just flawlessly
Here is the gif that I uploaded

Actually the gif reflects my emotions on being able to create a gif meme with ease

Come join

So if you like making memes or simply like to view and share meme's ....
Come and join
It has a lot of smile worthy meme's and the opportunity to enjoy share and create meme's

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