Story of my friends

3년 전

When my friend used to come in the class when I was in the car, I used to cycle and thought, one day I would also drive in the car.
Then I passed a clinic and joined a clinic, then friends gave me the opportunity to do two duties like a doctor with a clinic.
I thought, if I get a government job and a degree, then I will show it as Professor.
Then when I became a professor, he appointed 10/12 professors like me with a medical college.

  1. Duty is a great service profession, it should not be measured by this practice.
  2. Doctorate occupation is not one-day results. Tired work should be earned.
  3. Not everyone has the chance to serve such a great service as human service. Therefore, we should serve more.
  4. They can do the same. Otherwise, you do not have a medical doctor on Facebook, like a friend's clinic.
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