Do you get a flu shot?

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Wintertime in Colorado always brings out the flu propaganda from doctors, pharmacies and health organizations. They are always touting for everyone to hurry down to the drug store to get a flu shot. I myself have never gotten the flu shot and I never will because I have no trust for big pharma and the tactics they use to actually kill people slowly.
I know lots of people who have taken this shot. Some got sick from it and some even got the flu afterward so to me it makes little sense to accept this shot even at the “almost free” specials that get advertised this time of year. To tell you the absolute truth.... would actually rather have the flu horribly bad for a week than get a needle with only GOD knows what I side. Vaccines have been reaserched and exposed to the 9th degree by many people and have linked it to many types of autism and other neurological disorders.
I’m curious to know, are flu shots being pushed in the area where you live? Have you considered getting one? Please share your thoughts about this shot and let me know what your local government is doing to heard all of us into the doctors offices. I don’t think the shot is as safe for a human body as they lead you to believe.

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never have never will
everyone at my work who has gotten it has gotten sick
but yet they are so proud to say how it only cost $50 and the nurse came to their house
fuck that shit

The flu virus continues to change, both gradually over time (known as "antigenic drift") or sudden ("antigenic shift"). That's why getting cold does not guarantee that you won't get a cold.

I have never gotten a flu shot before in my life !

Its very hard to take is better nobody take flu shot

flu shot is soreness at the injection site Some people also develop a lowgrade fever

never got a flue shot. I prefer to eat a lot of fruits instead

Flu shots are heavily promoted here and they're basically free. I've never got one however for old and weak people it may be beneficial. Vaccines definitely save more lives than they ruin. There are side effects, however, being against all vaccinations is foolish. Only get the flu shot if you're at risk of dying from the flu.

Pharmaceutical companies first make medicines, then sell the medicine to cause disease. It is a devil business .

Nope!!! Nothing like this is going on in our area. If the flu comes then you go for treatment if you like, but if it doesn't, then you move on with your life.

I agree with you, taking all this shot really has a negative effect on the human body.

Up here north is even worse. They pushing this on every corner.
I never got a shot. My body is designed to protect itself.

H1 and N1 flu is really dangerous definitely we have to take injections and medicines properly if we have or else it can be viral

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Alot of people are hospitalized and thousands or tens of thousands of people die from flu

I stopped getting flu shots a couple years ago. Then I stopped getting sick. I never got the flu as a kid. Instead of getting a flu shot take cold showers. You won't get sick

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Flue shots is for people over 70

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Yes, I agree with you, there is no doubt that the big pharmaceutical companies do their business without thinking about our hygiene, so most drugs of different diseases contain products that can cause side effects that force us to remain addicted to their products :(

So I too do not trust industrial drugs and I always like everything that is natural, for the flu I prefer to take lemon, honey and ginger.

time to stay safe from around !!!

I advise everyone to take them down because they are harmful to the body and have many symptoms

I have not taken it yet but want. Best example swine flu, bird flu is here. viruses spread are responsible for seasonal flu epidemics each year.

I don't get flu shots, humans are always looking for shortcuts (not always that effective) while disregarding our own bodies' ability to protect itself.

No way would I get anything from the People that Want to Kill You.........@broncnutz ........ The Last shot I ever got in a doctors office was a Tetnus Shot and that was like 26 years ago. No Shots for me !

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Oh no i never try it and will not try

I got a flu shot. My workplace paid for it. Getting the flu from the flu shot is much rarer than getting the flu from nature. If you are weak enough to get it from the shot, you are probably going to get it from somewhere else. Most likely old, young, and sickly get flu, but some strains actually prefer healthy adults.
I am not a medical professional and neither are most people skeptical of the flue shot. I trust my doctor. Statistics back up fly shots. Then again, if you had a negative experience from the shot, you would hate it. My concern is I get sick, then someone weaker catches it from me and dies when I can avoid this with a shot.