Safe Monkeypox Cure: Mortal Oscillatory Rate & MRI or CT scans?


"More than 50 cases of monkeypox, a rare infectious disease that causes flu-like symptoms and body rashes and lesions, have been reported in at least 16 countries since May 13, according to the World Health Organization"

"Mortal Oscillatory Rates (MOR) are the frequencies that Royal R. Rife proposed would allow a user of his Rife machines to kill the specific micro-organisms responsible for disease in their host."

"The capsid of a virus is something like the shell of a turtle," said physicist Otto Sankey of Arizona State University. "If the shell can be compromised [by mechanical vibrations], the virus can be inactivated."

"To expedite this search, Sankey and his student Eric Dykeman have developed a way to calculate the vibrational motion of every atom in a virus shell. From this, they can determine the lowest resonant frequencies."

"These treatments would presumably be safer for patients than many antiviral drugs that can have terrible side-effects. Normal cells should not be affected by the virus-killing lasers or sound waves because they have resonant frequencies much lower than those of viruses, Sankey said.

Moreover, it is unlikely that viruses will develop resistance to mechanical shaking, as they do to drugs."

"Simulations show ultrasound waves at medical imaging frequencies can cause the virus’ shell and spikes to collapse and rupture."

"All organisms are killed or deactivated by a specific radiation.

The beauty of this New Medical Tool, is that no virus or parasite will become immune to the tool. All organisms are killed or deactivated by a specific radiation.

Now of course during this pandemic we have plenty of experimental patients to try out the effectiveness of a specific frequency or wavelength. I prefer to talk about frequency, some prefer wavelength, but either one is interchangeable.
And so many many people routinely take MRI or CT scans, and so the new tool is not as if we are doing something totally new, for humanity has become used to MRI and CT scan for many decades now. I myself has a CT scan every year for the past 4 years.

And, it is likely possible that someone with a disease or infection and who took a MRI scan and was cured of that infection, not knowing that the scan itself provided the cure, and not documented in the news"

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