Benefits Of Drinking Whiskey

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Now we all have heard people say that alcohol is not good for health and it leads to various illness. Yes I do agree with it but not all alcohol are bad. In limit, they heal the human body in many ways.


In particular I would like to talk about Whiskey. Known as the gentleman’s drink, this amazing drink does wonders to human body if consumed in limit. I would call it the magic portion.


Whiskey helps to prevent cancer. It contains a powerful antioxidant that neutralize cancer radicals in human body. A single shot of whiskey contains more antioxidants than that of a glass of red wine. Plus it is low on carbs too compared to wine.


Talking about carbs, did you know that whisky helps when it comes to weight loss. A moderate intake, increases the energy lever and decrease the desire for sugar intake. Plus a glass of whisky is only 68 cal. So next time you are out with your friends, choose whiskey over other drinks.


Whiskey also helps us fight against common cold. In fact I prepare & drink toddy at home. It is a drink made from whiskey, warm water, honey, green tea & Lime. It works like magic on cold. It is a nice drink that gives warmth to your body. The honey and lime helps in soothing the throat and warm whiskey helps to open up congested nose.


We all have some stress or anxiety in our life that we are going trough. Whiskey helps in getting rid of the anxiety & depression. It calms your mind and body. Relaxes the hormones in our body. A small drink after a stressful day is always recommend.


Diabetes has become biggest concern these days. If not taken care of it, it might lead to many serious medical complications. Whiskey consumed moderately helps to reduce the sugar level in body by regulating the insulin. But please don’t forget that excess consumption of any alcohol adds on to diabetes.


Whiskey is extremely beneficial for our heart. As it has blood thinning properties, a shot of whiskey everyday will help the arteries from clogging and also keep the blood pressure under control. In a study it has been proven then a moderate drinker mortality is was much lower than that of a heavy drinker or non drinker.


So live this life to the fullest my friend. Do everything in limits and make the most of it. Raise your glasses up in the air and let’s cheer to this wonder gift me have, caked “LIFE”.

The water was not fit to drink. To make it palatable, we had to add whiskey. - Winston Churchill


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