Rouse Yourself: Meditate

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If one hasn't done so, meditate today. There are many benefits to meditation. Primarily, deep internal peace and calm that follows you everywhere. Clarity of thought and action arises, past conditioning releases. A better life is attained.

"When past conditioning is released
and no fresh one produced,
the mind no longer seeks (or craves) for future births (illusions).
The seed consumed, cravings no more arise.
Such-minded wise ones (cease seeking after illusions) like the flame of this lamp."

Sakyamuni, Sutta Nipāta 2.238

Meditating Monk Nun Bhikkhuni.PNG

Photo: Courtesy of Prince Kumar,

When one feels the angst of anxiety, depression, fear, impatience, aversion, laziness, doubt, greed, any of the contaminants of the mind, it is best to overcome them. Do not be fooled by them. Do not give in to them. Do not succumb.

Instead, sit in meditation, feel the breath, examine the thoughts, let the contaminated mind go. Let the negative thoughts go. The feelings will go with those thoughts. In doing this practice, with the arising of samadhi, clarity and insight arises too. Past conditioning dwindles. With the release of past conditioning, all angst eventually dissolves.

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