Phyllis Krystal guided meditation series: The maypole

8개월 전

Welcome! Today I'm humbly offering a meditation spoken by me and designed by Phyllis Krystal, called the Maypole, which allows us to connect to our higher conciousnes and receive relaxing, healing, and cleansing energy. We also open up to receive unconditional love for ourselves and to send some of it onwards to loved ones and people in need.
A beautiful exercise to first strengthen yourself and then in this time of need do something that is of great use to the world in Corona crisis right now: Send it Love.

Phyllis Krystal was a psychotherapist who dedicated her life to spirituality. She was a Sathya Sai Baba devotee who was one of the first people to use archetypes and symbols to help people transform the deeper-lying issues. Because she was a very spiritual person, I find her archetypes and symbolism to be very pure and accurate and therefore highly effective.

I benefit a lot from doing her exercises myself and therefore I am at the moment making an effort to record her meditations with my voice so that they become easier accessible for everyone.
There is a Phyllis Krystal foundation and they have a website with more information about Phyllis Krystal and her work, which is interesting to see, but they don't have audio's of her work available there.
The ones I have made can be found at

I hope you enjoy it!

Love Wombloom


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