Reminder: Minneapolis Meetup is this Saturday!

5개월 전

Just a quick reminder that the Minneapolis Meetup at the Mall of America is this Saturday. We've got @timcliff, @blervin, @mad.dawg, @iamredbar, myself, and a handful of other people meeting up at the mall for a day of running around, shopping, food, and fun! Let's get together!


As a reminder, please RSVP to the eVite so we know how many people to expect.

We'll be meeting in the East Rotunda, first floor, at 3:00 PM. We'll have a second gathering on the 3rd floor food court, south side, around 6:30. If you're on Partiko, you can DM me there or add me on discord, @ddrfr33k#9964. If you arrive outside of those two times, ping me and I'll help you join up with the rest of the group.

Hey, @pennsif? Can you add this to the calendar of events? Make sure people know about this eVite?

Also, tagging @artist1989, @psquaredmn33, @ducksaplenty, @preparedwombat, @lovejoy, @relativityboy, @mada, @jayna, @kommienezuspadt, @treigh-c, @iamredbar, @wolfcat, @mininthecity, @fedoraonmyhead, @spectria, @roundoar03, @intothewild, @tarotbyfergus, @raizel, @scooter1010, @kindageeky, @poisonedapple19, and @wylde so they know about this. Assuming any of them are still active on here. I hope you guys are! I want to see you all again!

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I’ll be there, but only in spirit.

Oh, how I loathe the MOA. 😱


Sorry to hear that. We'll have to do another one somewhere else some time

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Don’t do anything differently on my account. Plenty of people love the MOA.


No worries. Minneapolis has plenty of variety in events and activities. We have options.

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Oh man, I caught the closing shift and have to head to work around 3. Major bummer!!! Y'all have a blast! I'm sorry to have to miss it!



We'll miss ya, buddy...