Luxembourg first Steem meetup

3년 전

Hi guyz,

Today we go for a new adventure with my @steemalsace friends, to the Luxembourg first Steem meetup.
This time it plays at home, my guests from Alsace are @louishugo, @siavach, @goyard, @addicttolife (with the whole family) and @hightouch.

First of all let me tell you my surprise when I learned that there was a meetup in Luxembourg, in this so calm and small country. I thought I was the only Steemian living there, when I was at SteemFest2 in Lisbon I had not met any Luxembourger. I could never have thought that we could organize a Steem meetup in Luxembourg and that there could be people, there are maybe 20 Steemians...

Our host and organizer is @sorin.cristescu, a chic guy who knows a lot about blockchain, he is very active here in Luxembourg. In addition we have one point in common, he is new witness like me, he just had his first block produced today. I do not even picture how happy he must be, the first block is always a special moment. Do not hesitate to encourage him and vote for his witness @lux-witness which he manages with @pstaiano.

The meetup started with a rather informative presentation of @sorin.cristescu, you will find a summary of his intervention here

Then we get into serious things with my friends from Brussels @oroger and @roxane whom I met and knew in Lisbon. @roxane is more and more active in the Community, today she makes us two presentations. The first one is on her Steemianne bloger experience, if you start on Steem and you are French, her site is a must, just like me at the beginning, you will gain a lot of time. The second is about Utopian project for which she is an ambassador. You will find a summary of her interventions here

Finally we were entitled to the beautiful discovery of the evening, the presentation of the @fundition project by @hightouch.
To begin, the guy is interesting, he explains to us that he is self-taught, that he worked for Microsoft in a past life and also for the project @dtube with my friend @heimindanger. Rich of these experiences and his willingness to share and help the Community he launched the project first decentralized crowdfunding site. It's such a good idea this site that I'm thinking of launching my @fundition project to fund my witness @exnihilo.witness.
To finish, with @hightouch we are part of the same @steemalsace family. Casually Alsace could become the capital of Steem, beautiful project like or @fundition were born there.

In summary this meetup was a pleasant moment of exchange of knowledge and beautiful meets. Thanks to @sorin.cristescu for organization and animation. I am pleasantly surprised to see that the Community grew at an impressive speed, it even reached Luxembourg to tell you ...


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1 Steemian + 1 Steemian = 11 Steemians

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Great to see the Luxembourg meetup......I'm only sorry I didn't see it earlier to reward it. I love to see all the international meet ups that are aimed and engaging Steemians in sharing knowledge. Also I am keen to learn about any promotional activity in Luxembourg that is used to grow the community.


Yes I was surprise too by the great activity in my small country.
If there is another one you should come if you are not far away. The @fundition presentation was very interesting.

1 Steemian + 1 Steemian = 11 Steemians

10 steemians no? :D




1+1=10 using a system of binary numbers :)


I got it lol. Shame on me I am a computing engineer

it is always fun to have such meetups
with steem growing at impressive speed these meetups will be common now everywhere
hope we will have one soon here!

SteemAlsace was there. See you soon in Strasbourg!