Yep sfr killed the Portland meet-ups for now.

3년 전

Maybe I'll open them. Again. I'll still. Meet up with friends. And cool people.

Got my channel going on discord. Got some more things going.

But yep. Sfr ran my name across their "flag" reports a ton. Very respectful.

OK well maybe I'll make my break a bit longer.

And yeah I'm. Not going to bend over backwards. No more promotions and bring businesses to the blockchain.

Ten K minnows? They will have to keep that going without me. I can't make anywhere near that.

Time. For a change. I'll help those who help me back.

Loyalty is a big thing. Not many know what that means.

May we all grow. I'm growing me.

Got that $1200 drone... Oh that's 2x the earnings of my account... Didn't I buy that to invest in the blockchain?

Might have to make plan b.

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You were flagged for 5 cents out of $3.18.

You killed Portland Meet-ups and just using it as an excuse.

How many posts are you going to make crying about 5 cents worth of flags?.

At first, I thought it was April Fools Day when I saw you canceled a meet-up because of five cents.


I got $0.30 for my normal votes. Bought the $3 vote yes...

Either way why should I have meet-ups and promote the community if I get flagged then posted in how many posts?

Who cares about the $ of the flags.

But to flag a promoter promoting the blockchain and flag a meet-up post?

By all means let me know why I should do this all for change? Really..

Which is worth it? The $0.30 or the $0.05 I lost? Or the fact I could have just powered up the $3 SBD

Reasons for. Me canceling the. Meetup is mine. Really not getting any love from. Promoting the meet-ups.

Don't see many people really jumping to make sure me and homeless dog can get to these events and it does comemout of my disability funds. Which I get $541 a month.

Not much to live on and with that how much have I done for here?

Again time to change things and go my path and grow me... Am I not allowed to live?

Am I not allowed to take a break?

Honestly out of 2 years of being here total account value is what I get a month to live on. And I've stacked it all away and even given my rewards to the community to grow it. (canna-curate got all that and more from me)

No joke. Kick a dog and abuse it enough it won't be loyal.

Petty? Yep sure is as petty as I was just done.

And my dreams of making tenkminnows myself? Shelved.

We will see but like I said with the real people getting ran off and discouraged? How can we have a community?

How can we make a difference if so many negative people and groups abuse others and the newest accounts?

And what's with this quality bullshit. It's not plagerism or spam. My blog is real original content.

So yeah sfr can apologize. And if they want to actually support me for holding the meet-ups maybe I'll acquiesce to the request.

Or I might find a different way to work and live.... There is a huge world out there and more. Blockchain.

But again. Why would you be in a toxic situation? Where you and all your tiny friends are scared of getting bombed with flags over the most subjective reason?

Wasn't this place where you could be free and change the world?

Or is it the place where people fight over the tiniest chance they can be above others and control them with change....

It's not the money. Seems people focus on that.

I've made. More than most people will. Make in their lives. Loved lost lived.

Money doesn't make you truly happy.

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I don’t quite know what’s going on here but I fully support you. I don’t have a big account. I left steemit last year because of this flagging bullshit. Censorship and power tripping. The big brother of steemit. I just came back and haven’t seen much love. Thank you for your support for me here. I’m sorry for whatever this trouble is you’re having with some group on here. Peace brother.

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Yep you made my shit list. And definitely didn't make a friend here. And show that you really care about being a dick more than making a community.

May you always be so fragile and an asshole.

Personally seeing this ego in action yeah I should leave you to your drama and negative behavior. Personally it looks like the Steemit house of cards is falling.

Well it was fun but I didn't lose a dime here... In fact you just got me more promotions! Thanks!

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He really does care more about being a dick than helping anyone but himself. I'm still getting his butthurt downvotes because I exposed him as a fraud. I've been toying with the idea of getting a bunch of people together to downvote him into oblivion but not sure if its worth the time and effort. I mean if this kind of shit is preformed by witnesses now is there really that much hope for a free and open platform in the future?


Shit your making sure I'm definitely bitter about killing the. Meet-ups.

Kinda wants me really want to shoot it in the head and really make sure it's dead.

Especially when your name is spread across the blockchain for a. Mistake when your promoting them... Then flagged for it?

Yeah paid nothing and at the forefront of helping and recruiting... Y'all got a killer deal. 2 years of work for $600... Nifty.

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Lolz I killed it... Shit let me know when you supported my work...

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Bitching about someone else bitching...

What a bitch!



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Ty! HODL drama!

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