Megabot's Weekly Curation Post || 11th May 2018. || A bid-bot that helps you grow.

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Hello Humans

Lately, we have been not curating the post from the bidders as of due to personal and real life reasons and we are trying to sort it out, so after selecting our Megabot Curator @J3dy we are on our way to get it good. So before going on to which posts were selected, for those who don't know what it is, @Megabot has been upgraded with a weekly curation from @rougebot account to all the bidders who use our services. Every week 10 bidders from the bids that were made are selected and given a 100% upvote from the @rougebot account. For more details about this, you can read here

So beginning with our this week's curation post that was selected are as below:

1.How Are You Gyez ? by @diproy.

2.Environmental packaging by @silentworld.

3.A story about three things, or how to believe in people by @elizzium2018.

4.Do something that you like and you will be happy by @deyvich.

5.Mantra by @v0inter.

6.The Gravy Train // poetry by an African by @trumanity.

7.Tomato- The most favorite vegetables by @mhmetu.

8.Only The Lonely / In Poetry by @teevmoore.

9.Science, power and responsibility by @discernente.

10.Abstraction fractal Art by @kamilason.

So these were the posts and it is a wrap for this week, all these posts received 100% upvotes from the @rougebot account.


Post Rules For @Megabot's Weekly Curation Post:

  • Should be original content.
  • No Dmania, SteepShot or just a single video with no explaination at all is accepted.
  • No plagiarism or other things like that in post.
  • No single image post accepted.
  • Rest all other things are valid.

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It is really an honour to be curated along with such great posts. I thank all concerned for curating and for all your efforts regarding the megabot project!

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