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Wow duder, I saw your comment on my Bandersnatch post, and checked you out on here. You have REALLY BTFD on crypto. You have been powering up HARD.

Good for you.

I've been doing my best to do the same. But though I want more steem, I also want more EOS, BTC, XRP, and real physical silver, so I cant buy all the things I want.

Anyways, good for you. Keep it up.

You should check out partiko, its a phone app on steem, and you can easily post on there, you get points in their app for regular use, and you might be able to increase your activity on Steem if it were simpler to interface with the blockchain via your cell phone.


Thanks man! I appreciate it. I think Steem is super interesting. There's a yield to it, an actual use case and is worth merely 50% of dogecoin.... which is a good starting point for a valuation point. Anyways, thanks for the feedback man.

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I love these meme with Trump !
Thank you 🙏 for your upvotes my dear.

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