Back To Work (My First Meme Ever)

2년 전

After quite an absence from Steemit due to holiday mood, total laziness, my birthday, family visits, heat strokes, BBQ fests, park naps and other distractions I decided that today is the day to ease back into publishing posts on a regular basis.

I will make it easy on myself and start with this meme I just created. Bit by bit the longer posts will appear...

I don't know how I managed but while I was crossing the street I opened my phone, the camera app and then took the picture without these two guys noticing.

The idea for the text balloons popped up when five minutes later I was at "Amsterdam's famous street market" and heared someone munching a huge stroopwafel ask his wife when they would sit down for lunch.

So I tweaked the question and added it to the picture.


Don't know if you think it is funny, but it sure made me laugh! 😎


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Yes, I too think that is funny.

Reminds me of the tv series in which they upgrade someone's house and always start with drinking coffee once a decision is made on how to do something.


Yup, good one! Remember the tv commercial of this yuppie showing of his house to another suit. After showing off his stainless steel professional kitchen including built-in everything and pizza-oven he suggests ordering a pizza :,-)

Not the same but a result of the same brain malfunction ;)


LOL yes exactly :)

Great post - great meme!
I got the humor!

Yes! This is very funny. Are you sure you didn’t ask them to sit on the ladders like that?! It’s slmost symmetrical.
Looking at your list of activities, it seems you have been having a very nice time being lazy.
Glad you are bored with being lazy, so it’s time to be naughty!!


Absolutely sure, mate. Although I have to agree it seems like I did arrange the whole scene. But I didn't. I did cut off a few streetcrossers on the right side to better the image, though. But no setting of stages here.

Yeah it's funny :) Did you have a good holiday?


Thx @anouk.nox!

Well, I had some great days of leisure in between the sweaty days of hard work :-)


Lol yeah I can imagine that there were sweaty days ;) I am so happy when the heat wave will pass here, today we will stay at the lake during the fay before leaving back to Budapest because it's way better to be able to cool off in the water than to be at home now lol.. have a good weekend !

Hey! Waiting for your new photos!

Wow! You are the lazy one!