Trend is up / I will continue to suggest the Bullish Trend for Bitcoin & Steem..

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I Wrote 5 days ago :
( Steem prices have taken a beating over the last couple
of days but uptrends remain intact for now.
What has been happening lately with the STEEM price!

All of us know :
"Crypto markets are driven by the price & sentiment of Bitcoin."

I think everyone is watching the decline in price closely.
It seems that a lot of people are cashing-out to BTC.
When money is moving in and out, it usually flows through Bitcoin.
When BTC has a sustained drop in price, most of the crypto will follow.

If you really believe in Steemit, you need to do your bit..
We need to all look to the long term aim,
and as long as we keep moving towards it,
the price of Steem will take care of itself.

Contribution, Curation and Promotion by all users is needed..)


Now as you see..
Bitcoin price fluctuates around $ 2700..
Steem price fluctuates around $1.50..
I will continue to suggest the Bullish Trend for Bitcoin & Steem..

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Good analysis & predictions! 😄

Wow that was inspiring! lol awesome moves, made me want to get up and get my groove on! @lordoftruth

Let's hope it settles off and bring some stability to crypto! I suppose it depends if you're wanting to buy or sell to which way you want the line to go

... haha, love the 'steemy' eyes!

I hope this upward trend continues for a long time in the future.

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hahah that gif !! upvoted.

Excellent post dear friend @lordoftruth, thank you very much for sharing this very good information
Have a great day