Meme to make you forget the fact I have been gone for over 2 months

3년 전

Look, I'm sorry but college this year has been absolutely ruthless. My suicidal thoughts have increased from 3 times a day to 5. I missed so many opportunities for memeing.

Whatever, its not like there has been anything good out recently. I mean for fuck's sake all I remember is the moth meme, Bowsette, and a fuckton of Nintendo memes regarding Smash Bros. The only good one was the npc meme... so I guess that's what I'll post. I only ended up making one.

However, I did make an npc twitter account and made a post. I guess nowadays twitter screenshots are qualified as memes, which I think is fucking dumb but oh well its not like I am helping the situation.

I promise I will try to post more. Now that I think about it, winter break is coming and I'll have a lot of time on my hands then. Regardless, expect me to be active daily again.

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Thanks for that. Glad to be back

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