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3년 전

Congratulate me to be:

The most influential charismatic person on Steemit

The most prominent philanthropist on Steemit

Well-known and beloved role model on Steemit

Steemit top ten honorable blogger on Steemit

Achievement 1 unlocked: Sad Meme


Achievement 2 unlocked: Sexy Meme

This post was inspired by my moral leader @nonameslefttouse, who just wrote about how to qualify for the Shit Post day Award

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Nothing beats biting a hot cracker by a hot cracker.


Ravishingly amazing. I'll take sad Sandrina lol :0D


Agree. That helpless and desperate look makes one melt.
Btw, did she already cook you that Italian food and iron your stuff?


Hahaha, she didn't yet!!

Lol!!! Thanks for the morning giggle 😁

Love it, got a real chortle and even a pigsnort laugh outa that first selfie. I vote for trending x 10. Good luck with that, too much quality here. Sigh...
(It looks hotter than all getout there too)

That was far too entertaining to be a shit post. Not shit enough! Sorry... LOL!

This definitely does not deserve a piece of poop in the comments. Too creative for that. That artistic poop is appealing though, isn't it?

It looks like you upgraded the cracker in your "ravish me" picture - good idea. Those cardboard diet ones are very sad.

You deserve every award possible for this post. :D

this girl got it

How did I miss this one?

If you're going for sexy/diet pictures, I think you should re-do the second one to say "radish me," and, you know, have a radish in your mouth. It'll get big votes from the veggie-fetish whales.

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I could be wrong, but you're knocking at the wrong door here ...

Truly! There is no one else quite like her! A bastion of the community, an example that no one could measure up to!

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Check better checky. Your checking sucks!!


It was actually on point with this one, the post has been edited with the correct mention after the bot's comment.