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Yes, it's part of it, media framing can sway people tremendously on both sides. Doesn't mean Kavanaugh is good now and liberals are idiots for believing otherwise, or that Obama was a saint and conservatives are idiots for believing otherwise (he was a socialism-for-the-rich warhawk).

Also think of the Russia/Benghazi "scandals"

But people still have their own minds, and while media can affect the general population a lot on average, in parts also by not covering certain things like the US-supported war on Yemen, it's not like each individual voter just copy-n-pastes what MSNBC or FOX News says


I never said he was good or bad. Actually i do not support many of his political beliefs.

I´m ridiculing the lunacy of people to follow the medias credo on Kavanaugh: Guilty until proven otherwise.

Signs like #WeBelieveSurvivors or #WeBelieveWomen perfectly support my point. The prosecutors decide whether there is actually a survivor of sexual Assault or not.

Believing women for the reason they are women is probably the most idiotic slogan and idea i came across in 2018. And it was one hell of a year


Yes, I agree, we shouldn't believe accusers of sexual assault by default, whether those are men or women, just as we shouldn't not believe them by default.

Since that was the point you were trying to make, you picked a bad photo for that, none of the signs say "We believe (all) women" but rather "We believe Dr. Ford", which is perfectly reasonable to me, I don't see a reason for her to lie and subsequently make her life a living hell, and her story is also consistent while Kavanaugh barked like a hit dog, and lied on related things countless times.

But you're right on the "let's believe anyone who accuses someone we don't like of something bad for him" logic, not only on sexual assault. I disagree though on whether that was the reason people were against Kavanaugh or believed Ford's allegations


You make a fair point here and you are of course as free to believe Ford, as i rather believe Kavanaugh.

I aimed this meme at the point we both deem illogical, to believe someone based on their identity one way or another instead of logic, reason and most importantly evidence.