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I lost all my children in a boating accident.


the gun store should ask; "is your gun going to spend time in a home with anyone who owns a boat?"



Sweet Jeebus!

Are you serious? Or just trying to be funny?


It's tongue in cheek.
Losing all of one's guns in a boating accident is a a sad, but all too frequent occurrence.


Oh... you said children.

I guess you're analogous to those crazy animal lovers that talk about how their pets are their children. 😂 except yours are shiny and chrome and get lost in vehicular accidents, just like the children in Mad Max!maxresdefault.jpg

@thepholosopher ya know... I can see a pediatrician asking about weapons in the house in the same sense that they ask about child-proofing and can offer advice in that dept... because young kids are dumb! However it's just such a politically charged question in today's gun control climate that I would totally refuse to answer. Fuck that.

I get the sense this is not a friendly question out of concern but rather the pediatrician is looking for an excuse to call child protective services and have the government take your kids away...

Who was this pediatrician? I've heard stories about this before...