Meme challenge #84

3년 전

Hello Memearmy!!

Winners of last Memechallenge

(Judge: @gymbuddy)

First place: @omarbalzar

Second place: @renegadecesar

Third place: @lautenglye




Congratulations to all the winners!!

NEW Meme challenge

Judge will be @gymbuddy

For this challenge you have to make a meme of this photo:

full size



Winner - 10 $

Second place - 6 $

Third place - 4 $

Mentions - 2 $

No new donations:


  • Title of every entry must contain "Meme challenge # - Entry #"
  • First tag of post must be #memechallenge
  • Your meme must contain text
  • You can add/remove something from the original photo but again photo without text isn't a meme
  • End of challenge will be on Friday at 12:00 (UTC +1)
  • Each user can have up to 2 entries that will be considered in challenge

How to support challenge:

  • Vote on this post
  • Resteem this post
  • Create at least one entry
  • If you are interested to be guest judge on next challenge contact me at
  • If you have an picture for next meme challenge contact me at or send me on email:
  • If you have some extra money donate it to make new challenge possible

Big thanks to people who donated for #memechallenge :

@blocktrades, @dumar022 , @papa-pepper , @onceuponatime, @moon32walker, @tmntzara, @the-future , @ned , @ebryans, @fulltimegeek, @karenmckersie, @kus-knee, @inphiknit, @gonzo, @thecryptofiend, @good-karma, @donkeypong, @giftedgaia, @hanshotfirst, @felixxx, @taskmanager, @son-of-satire, @runridefly, @karenb54, @sykochica, @buzzbeergeek, @tincho, @chuckypita, @reseller, @blueorgy, @thedonfreeman, @tamaralovelace, @cosminblaga, @nicolaepavelean, @kingscrown, @antminer, @gymbuddy

#memechallenge has it's room at so feel free to join the room to promote your entries and communicate with other participants. You are all welcome!!


Good luck everyone!

Support #memechallenge with your upvote!

Payout of meme posts are filling memechallenge reward pool!

full size

Greetings from @fibra59

full size

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Here is my second entry.



GHAAAHAAHA!!!! awesome!


Bahahahaha thats me

your posts crack me up


hahah we are all greedy in crypto world :D

hahahahahaha is most funny congrulation!



Happy to win the first prize, this kind of thing is what motivates you to continue in steemit, thanks!


congrats on first place! wish you same luck this week ;)

My First Entry:

where will you be when the ocd kicks in?

First entry

I am Venezuelan, and I declare this post NOT OFFENSIVE ;)

FS71I2p - Imgur_phixr.jpg

Haha those were funny entries! Congratulations to the winners!!

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I wonder why my picture wont appear on comment section.


You have to upload it by itself aside from the link.. 👍🏻


besides pasting the link, you have right click on the post image, click 'copy image location' and paste it below the link.

Hi, this is my entry to the memechellenge contest # 84- entry # 1 Imagen4.png

This is my entry to the memechellenge contest # 84- entry # 1 organized by @ fibra59


hahah every single time :D

My post #1 Regards @fibra59 and steemians
I'm dizzy I can not stand anymore help me participants..!

It's in my entrance to the Meme Challenge # 84- entry 2 contest

Entry 2


This is my first entry for this contest. I really love this contest

This is my entry for the memechallenge.


Hi @fibra59, I love participating in this challenge, and this is my entry 1, hopefully you like it.


Click about contest:

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👽😂 Here is my first entry , good luck everyone! upped and resteemed!😂👽


Thank you karen and good luck !! :)


Your welcome, thanks 😊👍

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My entry for memechallenge
Hope is everything
Am @izkeny.
Gid bless ya @fibra59

And here goes my second entry ever...


Gone are the days when a fat pay cheque signifies success.
In the world today, very long Green candles is what signifies success.

Thanks to cryptocurrencies

My first entry to this challenge Meme challenge 84 - entry 1