The feminization of the man in America part 1

2년 전


If you look at tv today what type of images do you see of men?
I suggest that most of the time the men we see are men that cannot be taken seriously. They are either very silly in personality and demeanor. The men we see on tv dont stand for any principal and they dont convay a strong message of leadership to the family. This gives way to scenes in these shows where the male is the brunt of variouse practical jokes.

This is a very dangerouse time in Americas history. The feminization of men is destructive to young men. In my opinion this has been a huge factor that has lead to the increasing number of men in the rap industry being exposed participating in homosexual behavior. This revelation has also shead light on other men in the entertainment business in powerful positions being exposed for participating in homosexual behavior.

We are losing strong male figures. Im mostly concerned with black men because there are so few of us in America that can be positive role models for our young sons that need our leadership and need to know how to be a man from strong black men. The television plays a harmful role in distinguishing the roles in a family structure. ( family guy, the simpsons, south park)

In they talk about the the effort to make young boys more caring, emotional, and sensitive, and make young girls more independant, driven, and take on leadership roles.

This spells troubling times for our society as a whole. This is part one as we start to break down and pear into a section of American culture that shatters the appearance of the American dream.

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