100 STEEM Valentinesday Contest: Your Love Story Told with Mene Jewelry



It’s almost Valentine’s day, so lets have some Steemy fun!

I’m giving away 100 STEEM to one winner the same day this post pays out.

Here is how to enter this challenge:

Tell me your love story or love fantasy story using Mene. The entry I like the most will win 100 Steem.



  1. You must create a SEPERATE POST. (No upvote, resteem, or follow required)

  2. You must use the tags “mene” “contest” and “lovestory” . The remaining tags can be whatever you want.

  3. You must tell me your love story using a minimum of 3 pieces of Mene jewelry.

You can find 24 karat Mene jewelry here while earning $5 in Mene credit using my invite link:



You can just go to Mene . Com without using my link and not earn $5 in Mene credit.

Using my link is not required to win.


If you are thinking to yourself:

“But Goldmatters, I don’t have a love story yet!”

You can still enter. Just tell me your FANTASY love story.


I met my soulmate on a moonlight night


...in Paris. We walked around all night and talked and found ourselves under the Eiffel Tower


It was then that I knew we would be together for all time and live happily ever after, hearts intertwined forever


Feel free to make your story longer or shorter, just make sure to use at least 3 Mene pieces to tell it.



*This contest is completely subjective and as such I will choose the winner completely subjectively

*There is literally always 1 person that complains about the rules after the contest is over. If you think you might be this person, please don’t enter my contest. It would be much more constructive for the Steem Blockchain if you go develop, fund, create, promote, and run your own contest, and I don’t have to waste the other 99% of peoples time writing this absurd disclaimer. I will choose the winner of this voluntary free giveaway in any manner that I choose, and if thats too wild for people, please don’t enter.

For everyone else, have fun and I can’t wait to see your entry!

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Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:


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After joining steemit late last year, I have been learning lots of things around this ocean of minnows and whales.
So i decided to try my first ever contest on steemit and I came across this contest.
I was amazed by the work @goldmatters is doing that I had to sign up at mene for dough and gold using their link on this post tbh.

For those thinking that the $5 credit is a lie here is the PROOF
I couldn't believe it until i got the money right there...


and right here is my invitation link
I would urge you to sign up and invest in real love this #VALENTINES.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this #toogoodtoshare mene inspired article which is my entry to the 100 STEEM VALENTINS DAY CONTEST:


heart in hands.PNG



Great work! Thanks for joining! Don’t forget to make your link clickable so it’s easy for people to use :) (check mine).


I have edited the link...
thanks so much for showing a sister the way
Mene Wink


This is the greatest love story I have read in 2019.


what a touching story!!! I love it


Thank you for your entry!

I can't wait to read love these love stories.


Join in!


Thanks for entering!


Thanks for entering!

  ·  작년

Thank you for entering!

Any excuse to tell the greatest love story of all time..... How I finally gave in and let Mrs welshstacker take me on a date.


I look forward to it!! :)

Hmmmm... I have no love story to tell, but let me think of a fantasy, LOL!


I know its going to be so good !!

Such a fun contest idea!!


Yours is going to be epic :):)

Oh man! I've got a great idea for this one.


Can’t wait to see!

Hi White List Author!

Thanks for being part of our contest community.

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