You wanna move forward? Accept it!

5개월 전

The reason why I wasn’t moving forward in life was because I couldn’t come to accept the change that was happening with me, I used to stumble and fall again and again trying to find a way out of this mess where I wouldn’t have to accept the change.

I wasted so much time into making myself understand that going towards and facing problems was the right solution and going around hem was wrong, god knows how many years I wasted doing that but here I am and I got it in the end.

People still say that I am young and there is still time, but man how do we know? How can we be sure that we won’t live to see another day, how can we be sure that out problems are still there? We have to do be decisive when the moment comes and that’s what’s missing.


Decisiveness is a skill to pick up, execute and reap the rewards from. Because time is important being decisive is way more important.

Don’t be more careful with your time, be more decisive!

Don’t hesitate too long, trust your gut and go with whatever it tells you.

Hey being decisive never hurt anyone and it should never however, being indecisive cause you to miss opportunities.

Accept it and move on, if you can’t be decisive about it and hope it’s the best decision you make.

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