10,000 Hours -- Day 5

2년 전


Well, it's more like day fuckin 60, but whatever. I've been gone a pretty good amount of time.. as always, unintentionally, but shit happens.

Last I was here I was talking about my plans to drop everything here in Vermont and move to Oregon. As appealing as that was, a few things changed and I decided to stay put for the winter.


One drunken night towards the end of my rental period, my room mate(who is also one of my best friends) kinda stumbled over his words trying to convince me not to leave this winter. Another one of our room mates was about to move out, and I was encouraged to strongly consider taking the space over and taking a job making snow at the mountain.


After heavily weighing my options, I decided fuck it, and that I was going to stay here for at least the first half of the winter. If you have been following my blog at all, you probably have picked up how important snowboarding is to me; both as a genuine obsession and therapeutically. Part of the reason I took the snowmaking job is that my hours are M-W/Th 7pm-7:30am, alternating 3- and 4-day weeks with the option to pick up extra shifts. This means that not only will work never interfere with my ability to go snowboarding, but when I am working I get off shortly before the mountain opens while already being at the mountain. This, combined with the fact that I live one single mile from the base of the resort, has allowed me to snowboard the last 16 days straight since opening day; and I don't plan on stopping that routine.


Additionally, the crew I work on consists of 4 very close friends of mine, and one random kid that no one really likes or pays attention to, haha. If that sounds mean, it might be, but it's certainly not undeserved and he made it pretty clear that he was a very questionable human being his first week here with us.


Trying to figure out a schedule that allows me to work, snowboard, take care of Raiden and tackle my daily interests has been a very difficult transition. This is partly why I have been absent from Steemit; as I'm only home for a very brief amount of the day every day and that's either committed to my dog or to sleep usually. Other free time usually involves hanging out with my room mates and working on random side projects. Even balancing my time on the mountain has been difficult; as I ride with a coworker who I'm very close with every day after work, and then try to make it over to the park at some point after she goes home. At that point though I am usually thinking if I'm really fucking myself over by staying awake day after day.


I have been a ton of time and effort into a clothing brand I am going to be launching on Halloween 2019 as well. My time currently is mainly spent on figuring out logistics and researching how to do the brand exactly how I want to. Despite what most people think when I mention it, it is not whatsoever going to be a skateboard or snowboard brand; and ideally I'd like my name to be tied to it as little as possible. I have a friend who has put me in touch with Virgil Abloh of Off-White, so I think he's going to be able to help me tremendously. Once I have more answers than questions I'm going to launch some more public crowd-funding and promotional tools- including making a page for the brand here on Steemit. So, any donations by way of massive up vote would help tremendously. I will talk a little more about the brand when that day comes.


There's been a lot going on around here and I will slowly catch up with everything. There are some videos I'd like to upload to dTube but for some reason neither of my computers, nor my phone, can upload videos properly to the platform. I tried a while ago and got really discouraged and I think it contributed to my extended absence.


This is somewhat of a half-ass post, and I wish I had formatted it better; written it better, etc. I'm super sleep deprived and in classic form my room mates came out about half way through and started yelling about this and that. I will be slowly returning to my normal posting habits over the next few weeks while I figure out this balance. Love y'all

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So jealous... :0/
I had 2 back surgeries this year, and I still don't know if I wïll ever be able to go snowboarding again. I would be devestated if I couldn't...


I sincerely hope you can man because I know if I couldn’t I would be just that.. devastated. Here’s hoping all goes well for you man. I unfortunately know the injury grind alllll too well


I've only been boarding for like 6 or 7 years, and it took me a while before I got the hang of it. (Living in a country with almost no slopes and a bit of decent snow only once every five years or so, I'm limited to one or two weeks of holiday in France or Austria every year - it's not the best way to learn fast if there's 10 months between your boarding experiences, lol) But the last three years or so, I made a lot of progression, and I competely fell in love with it.
Now my girlfriend and my friends are going to france for a week in January. It hurts like hell to stay home, but I figured that if I would go with them now, I might ruin every chance I've got to ever get back on the board again. It would be smarter to skip a year and give my back enough time to heal, so it will be strong enough to take a hit again.

You are lucky enough to live somewhere you can enjoy it more often??

Man, sounds like you have a lot going on. Hope you get some sleep soon. Enjoy your snowboarding


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Not too concerned about sleep haha! Probably should be though. Thanks for your support

Epic. Glad you shared this. Take your time and take care of yasef.

Cheers man.


Thanks man!

Cool I would love to see some snowboarding videos. That sounds like an awesome situation really :)


It’s not too bad honestly :) I’ll post some as soon as I can figure out why I can’t post to dtube


The only way I have ever got a dtube upload to work was by heavily compressing the video first. There are lots of video compression programs out there. Good luck :)

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