MEOS is announced. Its called "Voice"

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Looks like Block.One just made a run of the mill social app. From what i see right now it has a single unique feature or spending tokens to boost your comment. Thats what is supposed to give the token value.

Spending tokens to get your "voice" heard.

I mean it sounds fine i guess but thats just a small feature. MINDS has something similar. Spending tokens to boost your post and even though it works fine there i never found the tokens to be in demand or the platform very appealing.

I havent gotten into the beta, i did sign up, so i cant be sure 100% but this hardly looks like a STEEM killer. Maybe a MINDS killer because it reMINDS me of it. (Get it. lol)

STEEM has a million and one application and utility connected to its token and a silly ERC 20 type idea doesnt really seem like a competitor.

There are a few things i do like and thats the KYC and eliminating bots, abusers, scumbags and psychopaths. I never found this "hide your identity" stuff too appealing. It allows for a lot of abuse and im not someone perpetually in ideological war with "government".
The thing is that i dont see "Voice" being censorship resistant at all. They might not act on it but "Voice" is just a centralized app from what i can see.
Unfortunately it seems that guys that left for MEOS (Voice) like Bernie or a few other circle jerkers and abusive characters will be coming back since i dont think Voice will allow for such abusive behavior they are used to. (You celebrated too early haha)

In the end i have to give a big "MEH" to what ive researched and seen so far. Maybe theres more behind it but we will have to wait a bit to find out more.

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You might as well move over, your account here is now worthless.

Also, I never left, shetard.


I saw you powering down and saw your post about MEOS so i assumed... Was i wrong?
My point was only that you wont be able to continue this kind of behavior there. Steem gives you freedom to insult, threaten, fight whoever you want and no one can counter you. On Voice that wouldnt be the case.

The question is if that is positive or not. On one side that kind of action by the platform can be seen as centralization, dictatorial even, but on the other side it stops stuff like vengeance over different opinions, griefing etc.

Concerning my account, i have been powering down for a while ever since 50/50 seemed like it was happening.
I really didnt intend for you to run into my post, sry if it offended you, but my opinion is that you are a abusive character. The self votes, spam, insults, etc.
Id love to hear why you think that isnt the case.
Anyways, not my intention to berate you or think i can "fix" you like so many do.

I just think that youre not a good guy and that your behavior is bad for the platform.
Is it really that hard to understand why i think that. Is my opinion unreasonable?
Please do say if it is..

Anyways, Do as you wish. 😉

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You’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to destroy your account.

We both win.


He's not the only one! It would seem the "leadership" here is tainted.

Thanks for the update on meos, I also don't think that Dan would like to kill Steemit, which he co-developed. Steem/Steemit is very unique and also has its own advantages. Let's see how the next hardfork will evolve.

koliko sam ja ukapirao po prezentaciji, token nece moci da se kupi (vi odredjujete sta ce biti najpopularnije a ne korporacije, botovi i ostala cuda). ako bude moguce token kupiti to bi znacilo da novac odredjuje sta je najpopularnije. nisam siguran da li ce se moci menjati za eos, ako ne onda bas nema smisla.
nisam odusevljen, al mozda sam nesto promasio

I wouldn’t hold my breath about KYC.

@onosocial did that and it seemed all the spammers and plagiarisers somehow keep managing to get past the filters.


Really? :)


Lets see what kind of kyc Voice has in mind

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And it also seems the token is not yet traded on platform or medium yet

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It was given to me by an insider who is sick of his shit and was close to him. He is multi accts in the top 20 btw. Take care man.


Yup that is him alright. lol otherwise he wouldn't give a flying flap :D Meh.. yawn


I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.