Mermaid Monday contest week 25 theme: ⚪🔹🔸🔷⚫⚪magic🔸⚫& 🕸🕷halloween🕷🕸

2년 전

Welcome back to Mermaid Monday week 25!

Important note:

the winners of week #24 will be announced tomorrow on
Monday October 22th


This week I have come up with a theme again:

Mermaid Monday Magic/ Halloween

Bring potions, magic dust and wands with special power to the table and draw it in combination of your lovely mermaizing design! Or scary what is also known on hallowern, thought it would be fun because Halloween is almost here to join the party!! And because I've chosen this them, the contest will not end on Sunday but on Wednesday (Halloween) more about this down below /

Let's see how colorful, inspirational you can get and a important note; it is at the same time to let everyone see that Mermaid Monday is a weekly contest and wants to make all artists to join, for fun and a little prizemoney and for inspiration for everyone ❤

Join now!!!

I am curious what this week will bring!

You can send in :
(traditional or/ and digital.)


✌Resteems for all artists joining !✌

  1. 0.500 SBD
  2. 0.375 SBD
  3. 0.250 SBD

Here is a challenge for you all, the more value this posts get, the more I can give to the winners!


your original artwork, made for this contest:)
-upvotes and resteem, very much appreciated and more chance of getting a higher prize-pool.

-By a amount of $5 SBD or higher in the Mermaid Monday contest post I will share 40% of that amount with the winners.

-Make a post of your Mermaid Monday creation.
-Use the tag #mermaidmonday so I can find your artpiece. (the other tags I use are not nessasery)include the link from this contest post into your own post.
-I love to see the process of your creation so include that in your post.
-Also drop your entry link + picture in the comments below
-Deadline is sunday so make sure your artwork is up there by

Wednesday october 31th

11:59 GMT +2 (Amsterdam time)

have fun making your artwork!

It would be awesome if you give this post an upvote and a resteem, and spread the word so it can grow and we can have a lot of fun with more entries and more prizes!





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So adorable! love it Lil deb<3


Thank you dear friend, I’m so glad you like it, happy Halloween 🎃 ❣️


Thank you , looks very cool!


thank you for the witch mermaid <3

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I love steemit contests, they have been a big part of sustaining my life during tricky times. I have come across your post for the first time, and too late to upvote and resteem it seems.
I will instead transfer 5 sbd across to your account to help a little bit in prizes and sustaining the contest. You have clearly shown commitment to your contest, it would be great to see it get some traction and exposure.


Hi there! Thank you very much! What a nice gesture of you! I really appreciate that! I can reward the winners with some more and I hope more artists want to join! I mostly do it for the fun and the fact that I love mermaids and want to share it with others in art. It keeps me going and your help is valuable and very kind! Thank you! 💕✌


You are welcome. You have shown great dedication.

Here is a previous mermaid I drew for @opheliafu's doodle contest. She is constructed from garbage. Plastic bags, bottles, cups, syringes, plastic straws.

Scary, but not in a fun way...


I'm still very greatfull that my contest gets seen, love your piece of art, allthough it is sad that there is so many garbage around in the sea, I heard recently on the news that there will be i eco friendly kind of plastic, that will vanish in time... hope for better times<3


thank you Maggy, so playfull, it makes me happy<3

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mysterious and magical love it! X thank you X


nice to see you here again! X love your work! thank you very much


Gracias a ti bella ❤