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With the development of technology every day a new device is launched. Different protocols are being implemented so that these devices can communicate with each other. Since the existence of the Internet, the protocols that have entered our lives allow different communication devices to exchange data with each other. Many businesses and large companies allocate large resources for data protocols research.

For many businesses, creating these protocols is a process that requires huge costs. Businesses need technical knowledge and strong infrastructure to transport their data to the blockchain environment. Most businesses do not have the necessary labor and knowledge to fulfill these objectives. Businesses to fulfill such a purpose is quite costly for the enterprises staff. In addition, companies that provide the necessary information and labor force have great difficulties in transferring these data.

Large-scale enterprises have great difficulties in transferring management functions with different functions, such as finance, storage and purchasing. During this change and transformation, the services come to a halt due to ignorance and inadequacy. Due to the lack of a specific standard in the smart contracts to be created and the errors in the code, there are big deficiencies in the operation of the enterprises. In case of any negativity, various modules of the enterprise come to a standstill.


There are many different applications and systems to develop blockchain systems on the market. Developers are having a hard time when different code structures and infrastructures emerge in front of developers with a certain knowledge. It is almost impossible for a developer to learn all of these code structures that are growing and differentiating.

The MESG team has implemented their own privileged systems in order to find solutions to the problems that arise in the market for the integration of these shortcomings into the blockchain environment. With this highly efficient and sustainable system, each developer can build his own module and adapt it to the MESG system. If the adaptation process and the modules are adopted by the users, the designer who develops the module is rewarded with Mesg Token.


MESG Platform Solutions

  • The MESG platform is designed with multi-language support. Different developers can master different code structures or can easily build their own modules through the system.
  • The MESG platform has a scalable infrastructure. The MESG platform, which resolves the scalability problem, one of the biggest problems facing the Ethereum blockchain, has built a sustainable system.
  • All of the users' data and files are stored in blockchain environment instead of servers. This situation increases the security of users and data server problems when hosting their data.
  • Every company or business within the platform can build their own autonomous systems. This positively affects the business flowcharts of businesses and allows different operations to be carried out perfectly at the same time.
  • The MESG platform offers users functional solutions. Saas-like applications are very difficult to adapt and have limited features. In contrast to common protocols, the MESG platform can be created and changed easily by any user.
  • Transferring all the functions of businesses or organizations to the blockchain environment at the same time causes tabs in the workflow. Thanks to the modular structure of the MESG platform, operations are performed in a fragmented manner. In any case, an error in a module will only cause problems with that module.


MESG Marketplace

It is the marketplace where developers implement their own applications and offer these applications to different users. Each developer is free to determine the price of the application. Users who purchase the application may resell or rent this application at a later time.


MESG Engine

This engine allows users and developers to easily produce and implement applications. With a flexible system, the MESG platform allows successful developers to design freely and without borders. Thanks to the simplified code structure, developers can build their applications in a short period of time and without spending a lot of money.



MESG has worked in companies such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Momentum, Toyota and gathered a team with great knowledge about blockchain and crypto money technology. The team, which will implement a system where developers can license their own modules, aims to launch the testnet stage of the platform at the end of this year.


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