Ready to get some Gold Under Spot or Free Silver? Want to invest in an Ounce of Gold? Read on!

2년 전

I put the link in so I wouldn't forget, but ebay right now has a 10% ebate deal going (sorry Ebates seem to only be for US Citizens I wish it worked for everyone but that's how ebay does it right now) and this particular entry is an option for the program (most precious metals are not)

So this purchase would wind up being 1235 because the ebuck coupon you would receive would be for 100 dollars usable in the next month. even taking out of the 100 enough to make the 1335 be the spot price you still have some value left over to pick up a few free oz of Silver

(the coin is .96 oz not a full oz but still the value is there!)

If this kind of deal interests you this is what I do. hit me up I'll give you a link to the Facebook page I tend to operate through or we can do everything on here is fine. If you also pay with a Discover card (or other reward based program) you do even better.
I love what I do so let me help you gather Gold and Silver at the best prices! if you don't want to do a full oz of gold let me know there are other types of deals I can help on whatever level you are at.

this is not investment advice as I am not an investment advisor this is just something I can help you do if you are interested.

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