#metalweekend - some thoughts of the last USA presidential debate...



yesterday was the final debate between the two USA presidential candidates. It was a more decent and constructive debate as the first one. Still away from what I expect from a candidate that wants to rule the most powerful country in the world.

I think, Biden was on top on most questions, being well prepared, but in the end, Trump won the fight by two topics:

  1. Supreme court packing - Biden admitted he wants to increase the members, so that it is under the democrats control
  2. Oil industry - this was the KO topic of the evening. Biden admitted that to close and reduce it.

As we check the swing states, they mostly are reliant on this industry, Texas, Florida, even Pennsylvania has more than 100000 rigs with almost 500000 employees working in this industry. I don't say that this industry is good or bad, I only present the facts, that it employees a lot of people, which now, will worry for their financial security and future.

This topic will play a major role in the next election.

Now back to #metalweekend . Today I've chosen Manowar - Warrior of the worlds, as the title fits to the topic.

Happy listening!!!

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