Metalweekend: br00tal stuff

3년 전

New stuff I'm listening to, well the new Ingested album for sure:

Great production, good album; I prefer the previous one, mainly because of sickest vocals. However solid album by UK masters. They don't sound like Slam in guitar sounds, they are much more dramatic and not over the top at all, but still I wouldn't define it Deathcore. Kinda in between two worlds.

I discovered only this year this little Slam gem from 2015:

I love this palm-muting party. Frog-like vocals (early Devourment style), simple catchy slamming riffing, dancing double bass, huge sounds and production. They go with the alien/space imagery, which is fine for me. Interesting hidden track, smells like slamming industrial. Overall judgement: nothing new, nothing wrong, perfect.

This one is very enjoyable Deathgrind / Brutal Death Metal. I didn't listen to #beefconspiracy since I bought the "Hung, Drawn and Quarter Pounders" CD, after a nice show at Obscene Extreme Festival 2003. Of course better production in this 2016 release, and those crazy screamed vocals sound awesome. Highly recommended.

Look at my if you like this shit. Cheers.

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I have to admit not being into this end of the metal spectrum. I can take it in small doses, but that's about it. I appreciate some of it is clever and the technique is amazing.

BTW Good to see another user. I've been on there for many years.

Well, this is not a band, but I'm watching these videos almost every day. I suggest them to every metalhead or guitar player.


That's fun. There's some amazing players on Youtube. I watch a lot of lessons on there.