7 Reason Why Binance Best For Trading ????

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Hello Friends. Welcome to cryptocurrency world. Friends today I am going to tell you 7 as a reason why Binance best for trading. and why we need to trade on Binance exchanger ? specially this post for Binance exchanger.

No 1 Trading Volume

Friends if we look at binance history it running since 1 year and In this 1 year Binance become 0 to No. 1 exchanger. If we see 1 year before there is no name of Binance. Before 1 year bittrex, yobit, bitmex, polonix, cryptopia,houbi,okex,upbit etc was very good level. But when binance arrived It maintain it's reputation as well and in this 1 year binance have no.1 trading volume. And most of the strongest coin are available on Binance exchanger.

Without KYC 2 Bitcoin Withdrawal Limit

Then if we take look at this exchanger kyc process, you can withdraw maximum 2 Bitcoin perday without document submission. You can deposit unlimited. Suppose you deposit 10 bitcoin and make profit with total 15 bitcoin. Now you want to withdraw 5 bitcoin. You can withdraw 2 bitcoin perday. This is a nice option. And if you upload your kyc document your withdrawal limit will increase to 100 bitcoin perday.

BNB Coin

There is a good thing that you can trade with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and Binance exchange own coin which name is BNB coin. And there is a benefit of BNB coin.

Binance Purchase BNB Coin from 20% profit

There is a good point that Binance purchase BNB coin by 20% from their every 3 month's profit. Suppose binance make $100000 USD profit in 3 month and it's 20% which make $20000 they purchase BNB coin.

Q : Why they purchase BNB coin.
Ans : By doing this BNB coin value will increase.

And if we talk about BNB coin price today, It now around 0.0018 BTC which is hit around 0.0025 BTC.

50% Trading Fee Discount

Biggest reason of BNB coin high price is that if you trade with bitcoin there is a fee 0.001 satoshi and if you trade with BNB coin there is 50% discount on trading fee.

Support and Application

If we talk about Binance support it quite good. And it's Android application work good. Everything is wonderfull. If you look layout,design,order and order place very fast. We don't get any bugs till now. But we faced some bugs on bittrex,polonix exchanger applications.

Earn With Reffer

There is a one more best thing that after completing registration you will get a refferal link. If you share your reffer link with other you will get 20% trading fees of his/her. Suppose your friend trade 1 bitcoin and it's trading fee $10. You will get it's 20% which is make $2.

Comment that how you feel about this post.

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আমার কাছে Binance আর Bittrex টা সবচেয়ে ভালো লাগে।

I would like to know what you think about the fact that binance is not letting you take your steems out of there. It is happening for more than two weeks.

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