What US wants from India? Cow Issue ??

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  1. Trade imbalance-
    The financial year 2017-18, India's export to the US were worth $14.9 Billion and imports from the US were worth $26.6 Billion. This means trade balance being in India's favour by $21.3 B
    The US Trade Representative (USTR) the trade in sensor.
    2)Generalised System of Preferences (GSP)
    Established in 1974,GSP is a largest and oldest US trade preference program. It aimed at providing opportunities for many of world's poorest and developing countries to use trade to climb out poverty and grow their economies.

GSP provides duty free access to about 3500 Indian product to the US market. India is the top beneficiary of this scheme under which import from selected countries are allowed to enter the US at zero duty. In 2017 India exported $5.6 B worth of goods to the US under this scheme,which was more than fifth part of total export of India to the US.

The Trump administration has sad that it would review the benefits given to Indian product under this scheme. The two countries have also taken one another to WTO on several trade disputes over market access ,state subsidies and tariff. India has also threatened to levy retaliatory measure against Steel and Aluminum duties worth around $165.56 Million on range of American gold.

4)Harly Davidson and Cow issue-
The US has demended duty cuts on bikes imported to india. India reduced duty from 75% to 50% on Feb this year but the US want zero duty.

Also US origin dairy(cow) products are banned in India on religious and cultural ground (as in US cow are fed with non-veg protien diet) by Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2003.

5)India's stand-

On the cow Issue, India has told the US that it would simply has to respect India religious and cultural sentiments. The overall trade deficit between two countries has decreased by about $1 B this year while overall trade has grown by about $13 B to a little over $125 B for 2017-18.

India has told the US indirectly that following each and every demand of the US increases dominance of Trump in market access of India.

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EXIM will make country rich or may be more.
i think they are looking for talent
and people are leaving their own country because of more extra money and standard living and so on.
That's why India facing brain drain problem


Our compatriots should think about it about brain drain issue but us always keep on making profit at cheaper rate from India but never express 😊😊 @gkumar


Nice Information bro

It's all about money! Every country is trying to stamping their Authority!


That's true .. India is the growing economy that the US can't digest 😊@rhn268

US wants engineers from india ...LOL


Ya really but here they want thr products to be sold in India with duty 😊

@abhishektechguru bro ye sab Apne country ki develop ke liye sab log lindia me aate he...


Haa bhai India is an emerging economy 😍

Indian government knows well its strength and seems always ready to take its own stand on various issues


Yes India has taken a firm stand everywhere @sarthakgupta

India is now also gold bird


Yea bro it's and I'll be @subuweird


yeah bro


Bro Do you know the full form of AMUL?


Yes brother it's Anand milk union limited 😊 is not it? @tapas0507

india is a labor intensive nation. ‘Exporters from labor-intensive sectors will now be eligible for 2% higher incentives under the MEIS’


Can't get it bro , can u plz establish the relation? @prabh41

Don't even care what's going on.... Trump will make this world suffer


No not at all ,India will never follow Alex what he wants 😊@anilkadian081


Even though INDIA don't want to but India will suffer if world economy crumbled bcoz some foolish steps taken by failed leader like trump


Yes Trump wants review trade with India that a big issue man 😊 @anilkadian

Trump is in trade war with china ,india and more countries.


Trump is only in trade American profit isn't he ? @meet75

India will not follow any order of America

If there is trade balence India will ready buy fighters plane but this durt Americans will not selling there technology.

They given to India only useless things

We Indians accept that like best technology.


Yes brother India will sell fighter planes to balance the trade but us is future curious 😂

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Good One ..

US should understand our issues....


Yes it should and India will compel us to listen in WTO 😊 @nayanborah

US actually wants more talent from India


Yes silicon valley has major % of proportion 😍@rahul-pareek

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wow realy great..


yes do u like india's stand ? @binoy2018


yes its true india's stand


Trade relations will grow


Surely India will the US in WTO 😊

Nice post bro India took a great stand


India is on the way to success brother 😊@surajkumar1991

Congratulation bro you get comment from moneyguruu

Nice information

Nice work bro


Thanks a lot brother @krsnalove

US is a developed country whereas India is still developing


That y us has prob bcz they can't see India being their biggest beneficiary of GSP scheme 😉@farsipunjabi

illuminate is on work

USA want lot's of thing from India because USA know next generation of India is about to lead to world i hop this


That's very true ,USA is now in fear to compete wid Indian market specially Trump 😋 @bahadur35555

I hope this will profit to India maybe


It's debatable but India alwz try to get profit by using it's human resource 😊 @latesttrends

very interesting

it will be a great startup..


Yea India will go to sky very soon @mohandhali 😊

Nice information bro


Learnt a new thing from your post buddy, keep it up


Yea I'll keep u updated bro don't worry ,tell hat kinda content u love the most ? @ks11062016

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Thanks a lot 😊

So nice topic you select. I like it. You mention amazing ponit.


That's nice , what u like to the most ? @rosy1606

Thank you for these details about trade between the U.S. and India.


Thanks keep in touch u will be updated @kathleenscarboro

Great info


Thanks be in loop @azeem1