BEWARE!!!WhatsApp will now check authenticity of shared contents.

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Hello guys!

:) WhatsApp is working on a new feature where it will test the authenticity of shared webpages and links.

:) It limits the spam circulation over its platform.

:) recently, Indian government had adviced them to find ways to stop fake news broadcasting on this platform.

:)Name given to this testing is

"Suspicious Link Detection"

and it will help users to identify links having fake news on this platform.


:) Whenever user sends or receives a web link, this WhatsApp feature will automatically run in background and will check for malicious activity (like redirecting to unauthenticated sources) and when confirmed, it will put a tag notifying whether link is suspicious or not.

:) Not to worry about privacy issues because this feature is device_end technique, i.e. it will not transmit any data to servers.

:) This feature is on testing phase and you can participate to use this feature in beta version of WhatsApp from playstore.

Comment your opinions👇



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@ankit-singh its a great feature by whatsaap. nic info...

Watsapp is improving it's great


I'm already testing this feature from WhatsApp. It looks cool and hopefully it'll be improved even further in the future. WhatsApp being the primary communication application used by millions of people worldwide cannot afford to play easy on spam since it affects a wide audience and brings down the company's name @ankit-singh


As u r beta user...r u getting income from that??


No @ankit-singh, the only thing you get is to test out the new features before everyone else, nothing else is offered.

Nice to hear that Whatsapp is improving


By this advance feature the fake news spread will be stopped?

whatsapp is also launching a business app soon...

@ankit-singh yes WhatsApp should have such a feature because a lot of false information getting viral.

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