National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test(NEET) & Joint Entrance Examination(JEE) will be held TWICE in a year?

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Prakash javadekar(HRD)

said on Saturday that NEET and JEE will be conducted twice in a year.

:) He also added that National Testing Agency(NTA) will be conducting these exams also including NET exam.

:) Earlier these exams were conducted by CBSE, but now these exams will be computer based and will be regulated by NTA.

:) Exams which will be regulated by NTA are:
(All these will be now computer based)

:) Moreover, JEE will be conducted in January and April, whereas NEET will be held in February and May.

Comment what u think on this behalf.


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This is a much needed move from the HRD ministry to ensure that the students have more than one chance in a year to obtain admissions into engineering and medical colleges.
This will encourage them not to get disheartened if one of the exams go bad.
Also, making the exam procedure online means that the exams will be much more transparent, easier to conduct and faster to evaluate which will save the much precious time of students in India.
So yes I believe it's a good move for the Indian education system @ankit-singh

good bhai

Good to hear
Education in India is getting modernised


Yes bro...thanks for supporting

Good information

this is really good steps.

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