Tutorial-2: Whom You should Delegate your Steem Power?

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Hello Everyone,,

This is my 2nd Tutorial Blog and in this blog, i will be telling you about whom you should Delegate your Steem Power.

Those who are unaware about Delegation,i recommend you to visit the link below to know 'How and Why to Delegate':


[Before continuing further, i have assumed that now you know what delegation is]

Whom you should Delegate?


Its the basic question asked by all the community members and now, after reading this blog, you will be able to choose the best profile for you to delegate to.

There are two types of profiles whom you can delegate your Steem Power(SP).
They are either Bots or Humans.

In short, if you have good amount of SP(Atleast 1000+),then you should Delegate it to Bots. But, if you have less than that,then you should delegate to the profiles(which are not bots) which provide you some service in return.

Now i will be discussing with you about both the cases in brief:

CASE-1: Which Top Upvoting Bots to Delegate to for the Highest Daily Payout?

After delegating to many of them and even performing extensive research based on their 'annual returns' on steemit platform,
this is the conclusion:

  • Image below shows results for Delegations of 1000SP to each Bot:


The image above shows the list of Top 10 Bots which give you best APR(Yearly returns of your delegated SP) on this platform.

[Other top rated bots which are not in list doesn't provide options for delegating them.]

  • For 1,000 SP, '@jerrybanfield' gives us 1.765 STEEM and 6.499 SBD for 7 days, 0.252 STEEM and 0.928 SBD for one day, 92.022 STEEM and 338.887 SBD for one year,
    which equals to a total of 352.704 STEEM per year i.e. 35% APR.
    so, you can calculate for other bots as APR will tell you about their yearly returns in steem as shown above.

Hence, the best bot to Delegate for is @jerrybanfield.

CASE-2:Should i delegate to other peoples?

In short, if you don't have 1000+ SP, Don't Delegate to the bots!

Delegating for SP less than 1000 will give you very less returns.
For example:
If you Delegate 10SP to @jerrybanfield(best bot), you will receive 0.003 sbd daily,

0.003x12x30=1.08 sbd/year...

That's a very small return.Hence, if you have less SP, don't donate it to the bots.

  • Solution:

    You can Delegate your SP to the profiles which will provide you some services in return.When you Delegate your SP to a growing profile, it supports that person to make his/her profile stronger from which you will be benefited in return when he/she will provide you services.

(((...Currently i am starting my own service to upvote and comment on all your blogs and would choose best blogs daily and would resteem and reward them...)))

No need to worry my friends!

[you can undelegate me anytime and your SP will be refunded back to your account.It's like renting your SP for some time period.]

In my next blog, i will be telling you how to un-delegate someone.

I hope that this blog was useful for you. Comment below your thoughts.

Delegate me SP if you want to enjoy my Services...

To know the steps to Delegate me,visit this link:

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Well nice to know about delegating power. Once I accumulate some SP I will surely delegate it to you but at present I have very less. All the best, hope it goes well with delegation.


thanks for your feedback!

I have started my Service. you can read about it in my profile's description.
well,waiting for you to join our service, let's grow together...

Well explained.


Thanks bro...keep supporting.

i will let u know when i will ready for delegation