WhatsApp will be giving 50,000 USD ?😱😵

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✓Hello everyone

As WhatsApp and Facebook are having tough times in handling data leaks and security breaches, it has decided to pay 50,000 USD to its researchers.

:) Now this messaging platform is taking external helps to deal with this issue.

:) It has been already notified that none of the user's data will be shared with other firms.But,

:) I have a blog on how Facebook shared user's data with 4 chinese firms,visit it by clicking here:

:) Comment whether they are going to repeat the same or will maintain user's privacy?



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What do you like about them?

User data safety should be top priority.

WATS app and facebook owners are one I think soo

After a hearing in front of the US senate, I don't think the Facebook team will even remotely think of sharing its data with 3rd parties. And there's nothing wrong with taking help of specialist companies to improve the platform since it affects the reputation of Facebook in a big way

Yeah They Need To Keep Their Security Tight its all About Publics Welfare !!!

User privacy should first task of any firm social media etc etc

Major problem.data security

I like to use whatsapp but ican not make any bad work on it

badhiya content hai bhai... Good work... I am seeing u, u are growing well bro keep it up...

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Nice one