Electroneum will be the next hot crypto?

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Electroneum is an android and ios mineable crypto-currency. Richard Ells is the founder of electroneum.
It works on a blockchain technology. Almost 140000 users are using it. It had an enthusiastic team members.
Basically its not mining , its a simulation of mining. Airdrops were given to the user who are using that application countinuously.


For ios user, its in beta or we can say under development. For getting enrolled ,please refer its official website https://electroneum.com/

Its a first crypto currency which can be earned using our android or ios devices. This company made good name and fame within one year.

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Great blog my friend...Continue your good work...👲मुझे फॉलो करो, मैं आपको फॉलो बैक करुंगा💯... #mgsc ...✌


Done my bro👦✌

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Really very good coin but on bottom from long time. I am holding it from long time

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great blog bro...keep sharing this type of information keep it up..

Great information @ayushc about Electroneum.
Good article bro...


Thanks bro

They certainly have the potential to be mass adopted. With such low price now, it is sure the next hot crypto.


But it is confirm that its market cap will always be low.

Done upvote n comment

Brother, my money was frozen in electronium for almost a year, see what happens next.

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Please visit electroneum official website and in support section, raise a complain. You have to separately signup for support account. Then submit a screenshot of your transaction. They will definitely help you.

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