Nvidia a game changer for crypto mining!!

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Nvidia is brand which manufacture graphic processors for pc's but now these graphic processors were used in crypto mining.


Its a huge market where company gets profit with the bulk purchase of it. Many of us were setting up mining rigs for earning money, previously it was in gaming only.


Main thing is that these processors can be over-clocked to gain more processing power but it requires a heat dissipation setup which costs us more because we were also paying electricity bills along with it.

Production of GPU's suddenly increased within 2 years. Other companies were also earning profit like intel and amd (famous for manufacturing processors).

Behind this scenario , Nvidia don't want to get indulge in crypto because this deviates them from worldwide gamers, its fans could become hater if they get ignored. Basically, Gamers were the backbone of nvidia.

When the company was at early stage and few people were keen to play games, hardware was not very cheap at that time. Due to increasing game lovers, company started manufacturing GPU's at large scale.

Crypo-mining is basically a mathematical or logical algorithm which the GPU's solve per seconds also known as Hashes/sec. More the hashes per seconds more earning. In simple terms, earning is a reward from the blockchain which we get.


It can be executed with the help of mining software or also known as binaries.

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Tnx for share info..

BTC mining Difficulty getting Difficult day by day, No profit only like "NGO mining".


This is because bitcoin is becoming a trend.


yes..but trend going down, right??

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Thankz for sharing imp data abt mining