Why do good people always get more sorrow, do you know, let's know why

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Friends, you have seen that the good people in the world are more miserable, not that they do not know the way to succeed. Good people know everything but there are some reasons for which they always lead a miserable life. Let's know these reasons -
Fate of luck - many times good people lose in front of luck. They never get what they want. Although they know to fight with the problems. They know how to get success and know how to get out of this kind of trouble but their emotions do not understand. They have the talent that they do not make excuses of not being anything but respect what they are and therefore they do not wait to become the path, but make the paths
They do not have to say 'no' - good people never say anything to you. Whether they have to work harder for him. They are always ready to help others. This is why people do not think they want to get work done. Whether you come to work or not, they come to work for you. It happens because they themselves sometimes get into trouble.
To rely on anyone quickly - Those who quickly rely on anyone, they always get cheated by people, but still they do not think about cheating you. In spite of their deception, they always help you. Hence, in today's era, people should not blindly trust anyone by closing their eyes. Otherwise they will not get anything other than suffering.
Never hurts others - good people know the meaning of misery, so they think that never let anyone hurt, even for them, this is not necessarily what people think. People who think only about themselves, they do not even think once before hitting others. People who are good, keep the attention of the people that they do not feel bad about their talk. A clean heart person thinks of the happiness of others before his happiness. Before meeting your needs, meet the needs of others. Good people always dare you go ahead and do not want to show their feelings.

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