11 horrifying suicide

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The suicide of 11 members of a single family in Delhi has shaken the country.

The suicides appear to be spiritually motivated, where the family aspired to “meet god”. Seems like this is going to be the Jonestown Massacre of India.

New mind-bending facts about the case are surfacing every day.

10 of them including two children aged 15 were found hanging in one room. And in an other room the body of a 77 year old woman was found lying on the floor.
This is creepy.
The house has 11 pipes jutting out of a wall. 4 pipes are straight and 7 pipes are bent. The 11 people consisted of 4 men and 7 women.
Either this is a wildly impossible coincidence or there is some really spooky shit hidden in those walls.

The women had their hands tied, their mouths taped and eyes blindfolded. The men had their eyes covered with cloth.
The post mortem report showed no signs of struggle.
Several handwritten notes were found which reveal chilling details about the suicides
These notes were some kind of instructions for the family to follow.
The notes say the following:
Everyone should be blindfolded. Shouldn't be able to see anything except zero
Use cotton stole or saree along with the rope
Use dim lights
'Bebe' (grandmother) can lie down in the other room as she can't stand
Everyone should be more firm and think alike
Carry the act between midnight and 1am
A note written on June 26 says 'have to meet God on June 30'
Another note was found that says something to the effect of “You can only attain salvation if you tie your hands, cover your face and mouth and use a stool”
According to the neighbours, the family was extremely spiritual. Apparently they would even place placards containing motivational quotes outside their house. One of the family members was on a vow of silence starting from one week prior to the tragedy.

The CCTV footage showed Lalit, the second son of the 77 year old to be the last person to enter the house with his pet dog. The dog was found tied in the terrace.

The greatest mystery is although this looks like it was meticulously planned, there is no suicide note found!

I personally need some closure for this case because I was aghast when I saw this news ()IMG-20180702-WA0054.jpg

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