Crypto Nights #4

3년 전


So after almost 2 or more weeks I'm back with the new indirect words series for crypto traders,miners,etc. So please read it full

“If the sun will land on earth and on the same time moon will land on earth then too the people will find the way to survive and will find a way to fight with that problem. No one can destroyed earth instead of God (if you believe in God), But in crypto there's no God”

I hope you get my indirect words I'm trying to say for motivating every person who's involved in crypto, finally I want to say don't loose hope, if you loose hope then you will loose the world

Have a great day and wonderful night 😊😊

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nice blog for this time bcs everyone is loosing hope

"But in crypto there's no God”
Just dont break hope

Hi @freecrypto, there is a great analogy in this quote :)

All the best


Thanks:) for the compliment and for the upvote too😊😊