Presearch- Get Paid for Searching on Google, Youtube etc. (100% Genuine with Proof)

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Hello Friends,

Actually, today I came up with a most amazing website that are claiming one thing on searching - Get paid during searching on website such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Tweeter, Amazon , Duckduckgo and many more.

The name of the website is Presearch and you guys can join through the link below or by clicking on the banner below-

  <a href="" target="_blank">

  <img src="" title="Presearch" alt="presearch" />



Joining Procedure is to complete the signup and start searching instead of Google, Tweeter, Facebook etc. Also, you guys will get the signup bonus through my link.

Now, let's get started-


Business Model-

They will reward people who use, contribute and promote the search engine with the company's tokens. Thus the engine will be paying you back for owning your data (like location, search history and others). The data will be publicly available as will the search engine methods, in such way that all websites have a fair chance of fighting for a highlight position.

The Market-

Well, Google.


The most important thing that everybody want to know about the token/coin which is brief below-


Let understand it by watching the video below-

Pretty impressive guys.

Symbol: PST

Crowdsale opening date: 25 July 2017

Crowdsale closing date: 25 Aug 2017

Platform for Fundraiser: Ethereum and Bitcoin

Country of Incorporation: Canada

Expert Review-

Everyone understands who is the main competitor for the project Presearch, which should become a decentralized search engine - Google. Yes, and the creators of the project do not hide their desire to replace this system. However, it is necessary to understand that Google, with all its shortcomings, has been building its incredibly advanced search system for several decades. And in order to defeat Google it's not enough just to apply the blockchain to the (not yet created) search system. To obtain benefits, you need more, even if you imagine that the project will be able to collect on the ICO a budget equal to that of its competitor. And looking at the projects's site it does not look like they have a strong team of developers.


I really love the concept of a decentralized search engine. It is one of those services that should be decentralized. As good as the idea sounds, I think I'll be sitting this one out.

There are two main issues in my view. The first one is that a company that hopes to get some of Google's market share, by offering a service at least as good as Google's should have something to show for before asking for my money, like some sort of search engine model. At least it should point out why its team is capable of matching their quality with the resources they aim to raise.

The second one is that the token value proposal isn't very appealing to me. I mean, take Status (a company whose tokens are similar to Presearch's) for example: One might really want their tokens because they want to offer their company's services on the platform, thus they will be willing to pay a lot of money to drive Status' future. But I don't see people really willing to pay for a say in Presearch's future. Also, about the advertising, the market is dominated by agencies and service providers, and we already have a blockchain competitor that is Brave's Basic Attention Token (BAT).

I'd love to see Presearch adoption sky rocketing, I'm just not sure I can profit from it.


Already listed in coinmarketcap and you guys can see the proof by take a single on picture below-


Apart from that this one is already listed in some exchanges like Hitbtc, Coinexchange, Yobit etc.


I am done here to tell you about the Presearch as much as possible and you guys are ready to start earning through searching in cryptos and definitely one day will come that will going to compete with the google. 

Let's wait and watch. Don't forget to join the Presearch through the link below.

<a href="" target="_blank">

  <img src="" title="Presearch" alt="presearch" />


I hope you guys like my post then please support me by upvoting and resteem my post.

Let me know that what you guys are thinking about the competition between the Presearch and Google in the upcoming time. I mean which one will going to be the NO. 1

Thanks to all


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Presearch is awesome

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it's awesome

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