Why Eos and litecoin will be the longterm bigger beneficial ?

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Hello friends,

Again market is fallen down, after creating rumours about cryptos by the zebpay exchange, Indian Government and hackers and many more; even after long time of waiting for bull run. Still public in panic and waiting for the bull run. Don't worry, bull run is on the way and will come in couple of days or may be less. So don't loose patience guys otherwise you will loose everything- Anyway, less comeback to the point.

As we know that EOS and LTC, both are in hard bearish trend and people around the world are loosing their hope in these cryptos and again doing the same mistake to sell them in loss. Don't worry guys, Let me tell you one thing that these are the top 6 coins in the coinmarketcap. Ofcourse, everyone know.

Let's first talk about the recent performance of EOS-

This one is known as the most ever succesful ICO last year, even before entring into the market. What was actually doing this one crypto- EOS challenging the Dapp giant Ethereum to become the first choice of developers creating smart contracts using EOS. 

In a couple of days ago, the EOS  team shared a video in which comments was made by the CEO of  Block.one about the future of EOS and it's technology being accepted by everyone, no matter what's the location. This is the best one that help EOS to reach top 6 cryptos in the world.

But after that, one thing people really hate about the EOS that they freezing orders send to the EOS block producers has stirred negative impact on the cryptocurrency market. And as we know that couple of days ago, it's price hit by all time high around 23$ but unfortunately, it's cost around 8$ per token which is bad for the holders.

Main point to listen this- 

According to the latest buzz,  it seems as though Larimer is indicating an upcoming amendment in the EOS constitution which would put all rumors about EOS being centralized to rest once and for all. 

The way things look may seem as though EOS will have a hard time before recovery, whereas- given it's previous records and it's plan, methods to grow  that will dethrone Ethereum. Then, we can say that the price of EOS  will start recovering in less or no time after the bull market.

what is something present in litecoin that will help it to grow faster then ever think-

First of all, we know that the litecoin is already trading the larget amount of people in the world. Apart from that, this one is the crypto that population are using to buy some other cryptos in ico's and many more. This one is the basic reason. Now come back to the main point-

The future trading of the Litecoin has already given the new hope and vitality to their holders and this one platform already launch on june 22nd. Well, the UK launched the future trading of the litecoin that can exchange cryptocurrency named "Crypto facility". Due to this, the holders of Litecoin can hold the ltc for the long term/short term. I mean they will make contract for a month/a quator/ a year based on litecoin platform. 

 Experts believe that Litecoin futures trading might actually improve Litecoin’s price transparency, liquidity, efficiency in the crypto markets.

 According to him (Charlie) futures trading opportunity would make it easy for investors to enter and exit Litecoin while making the cryptocurrency available for institutional investors all around the world. 

Wow, St. Louis already made a news about the four larget cryptos in the world that they will going to add the four coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin in the banks. This will automatically boost the cryptos price when this news will spread around the world.

 The database used by St. Louis bank is commonly known as FRED which stands for Federal Reserve Economic Data and it is going to be fed data regarding crypto prices from world’s one of the biggest and most influential crypto exchange ‘Coinbase’ 


Well, we all know that the crypto market is highly volatile and can move too much high as well can move too much low. But here's the opportunity it's price already too low and people those know about the market of crypto, they will definitely buy the dip price of top ten cryptos as fast as possible and sell them at higher price.  Although, it remains to see how Litecoin and EOS start their countermeasures and proceed to grab the first spot once the market gets bullish. 

What do you guys think about these coins for the short and long term. Please make sure to comment in the comment box.

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Lamentably, the grass isn't greener here today. Actually, it is, extremely red. The crypto advertise has flip-tumbled once again into the red, with a considerable lot of the significant coins falling quick, including Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC). It's not all fate and misery, however – EOS, alongside a couple of different coins, has figured out how to remain over the waves.


But smart people will definitely buy the dip and at the end, they will make bigger profit Instead of others.

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